Office 365 Tip #1 – Get the must-have features

August 4, 2020

By Zack Brigman, Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Welcome to the first in our four-part blog series on Office 365 data backup and recovery! Each blog covers one tip on things to consider in your SaaS backup and recovery strategy for Office 365. Let’s begin with the first tip: functionality. 

Efficiency is always a core business priority – whether in resource allocation, cost reduction, or otherwise. Why would your data backup strategy be any different? Storing files is only part of the story. For efficient data management, you need quick, easy access to all your active, archived, or deleted Office 365 data. Here are four key features that have a significant impact on the efficiency of your data management operations.  

Automation is your friend  

With the sheer number of data transactions that take place, continuing to manage manual data backups no longer makes sense. Automating your daily backups to the cloud mitigates data loss, provides your business with cost-effective, long-term retention, and gives your better peace of mind. 

Putting your data under the microscope 

Automation will only address part of your data management process. You need flexible ways to locate and recover data. Using metadata search across your files, sites, and communications enables you to pinpoint data of interest. Paired with point-in-time and out-of-place restore options– admins can easily control what version or specific destination (location) to restore an item. 

Sticking to the rules 

When it comes to maintaining compliance, you need consistency and repeatable processes. Establishing policy-based retention is a way to achieve this for your data backup and recovery. Solutions that give you the capability to apply retention policies to the overall data backup strategy ensures data follows essential guidelines, which can be invaluable if you are in an industry that requires audits regularly. 

Distance is key 

When it comes to backup storage, having an air-gapped copy to protect your data from ransomware, corruption or attack is a must. Not only does this ensure a pristine and original copy of your data is free from accidental corruption or malicious intent, but it also makes your recovery more efficient. You simply restore from your clean, air-gapped copy, rather than the headache of determining which data has been corrupted. 

Metallic™ Office 365 Backup & Recovery includes advanced features like automation, granular search, point-in-time, and out-of-place restore, along with policy-based retention to smooth your data management operations. Give Metallic a try by downloading the 45-day trial today.   

It’s a good day for a test drive

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