The Best of All Worlds: Industry-Leading Metallic Data Protection Now Spans Coud-Native to On-prem Microsoft Workloads

August 10, 2020

By: Dave Ngo – Title needed

Microsoft and Commvault have taken big steps with their strategic partnership, focused on Azure and Metallic™ SaaS solutions. Together with Microsoft, we pair the industry’s leading data protection technology with the most trusted enterprise cloud, helping customers everywhere get the scale, value, and reliability they need to protect their data. We are excited to tell you more about what we have been doing, and why this is excellent news for joint customers – starting with added support for your Microsoft environment. 

World-class Data Protection for your Hybrid Reality 

Metallic solutions seamlessly integrate with Azure native services, delivering a next-generation SaaS experience that is a perfect fit for today’s hybrid environments. For protecting VMs, files, and databases, Metallic Core Backup and Recovery brings customers the flexibility of choice, enabling them to leverage either Metallic Cloud storage (built on Azure) or their own storage if needed.  With recently added features, customers now get the ability to protect on-premises Hyper-V virtual machine workloads and Azure Blob and Azure Files.  These three additions help enable customers to expand their capabilities when using Microsoft Azure services in the cloud and Microsoft Windows services on-premises all from a single, easy-to-use modern interface: 

1. Hyper-V on-premises protection 

Metallic supports Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine protection.  Hyper-V provides hardware virtualization that lets you create virtual hard drives, virtual switches, and several other virtual devices. With Metallic, you can choose to have an active copy of your data stored on premised for quick recovery, and then write to cloud for long-term retention – an option other SaaS-delivered backup services don’t provide. 

2. Azure Blob cloud object storage protection 

Metallic also protects Azure Blob cloud object storage.  Azure Blob is a massively scalable object store for text and binary data, that includes support for big data analytics through Data Lake Storage Gen2 for enterprise big data analytics solutions. 

3. Azure File cloud object storage protection 

Metallic supports the protection of Azure File cloud object storage. Azure Files are fully managed cloud file shares that can be accessed from anywhere via the industry-standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. 

These workloads, in addition to Windows Server file and SQL database protection, are just the latest in our continued innovation and help customers protect their on-premises and cloud-native workloads – following data management best practices for copy data separation.  

What you can expect: Collaborative Engineering 

Moving forward, we’ll continue to deliver on the promise of collaborative engineering for cloud data protection. Beyond Metallic support for Microsoft workloads, integrated engineering efforts between Metallic and Microsoft will offer joint roadmaps and innovative solutions in the market, powered by the combined best in class teams.  

Whether you are protecting data in the cloud, on-premises, or between these two worlds – with Metallic + Azure, you’re getting the best technology to safeguard your data today – and as your strategy shifts for the future. And when it comes to your data—you don’t want to be taking chances, you want a solution where two recognized leaders are actively collaborating for your protection. 

It’s a good day for a test drive

Through SaaS, Metallic is easy to try before you purchase, with a simple UX that walks you through setup