Laptop + Desktop data protection with unlimited storage

MetallicTM Endpoint Backup & Recovery delivers enterprise-grade data protection, proven to safeguard your remote workforce. Built on industry-leading technology from Commvault, Metallic ensures your organizational data is recoverable from deletion, corruption, ransomware and other malicious attacks – all with the simplicity of SaaS.

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Metallic™ Endpoint Backup & Recovery essentials for your business

Easy, fast configuration—be up-and-running in 15 minutes

Anomaly detection for built-in, AI-powered ransomware protection

Scalable data protection with unlimited storage

Secure data with encryption, geo-location, remote wipe and backup copy separation

Works without Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems

Automated, silent data backups without impact to end user productivity

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How it works

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If you want to commit and sign an annual contract, get rewarded with 10-30% savings—or more. Set your monthly commitment level for the year and only get billed for monthly overages if you exceed it.

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Sign up through a partner, who will manage your billing, and receive a usage-based bill each month based on your peak usage from the month prior.

Power to grow

More data? You can increase your baseline at any time by increasing your monthly commitment. When we say “power to grow,” we mean it.

*Base price is $8.33/user/month, discount available with a commitment of one year and 1500+ users.

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