Protecting Kubernetes in the Enterprise with Metallic Services from Commvault

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Container adoption is on the rise and the requirements to properly protect the data is also increasing.  As the data in containers becomes progressively critical to operations, and the business, customer need to a secure, simple, integrated backup and recovery solution that can save your data – and headaches down the road.

Benefits of MetallicTM Kubernetes data protection:

  • BaaS deployment: No backup infrastructure to manage that is deployed in minutes as a cloud service
  • Flexibility: Support for workloads on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud — and storage options for each to keep the data close to the source
  • Broad support: Metallic offers support for all CNCF-certified distributions, through native API integration for application consistency

Get ESG’s take on how Metallic delivers a K8s integrated solution to protect all your Kubernetes related data with one solution.